Saturday, May 23, 2009

High Roller...Lit-er-a-lly

After much debate in the Lites household, the high chair was whipped out. Let the record show that the adult males of the household thought HGGH would be "too little" and "unable to sit up" in his new digs. However, the mother chic (I'm not a hen YET) knew how big and strong her little man was and decided to give it a whirl one unsuspecting Saturday afternoon. First of all, thank goodness that no assembly was required, else I would never have forged ahead. Secondly, whoever thought of putting the high chair on wheels is a freakin' genuis. The first thing we did after HGGH was strapped in was go cruising around the living room and kitchen for a ride. Then, I decided to throwing hints at what a high chair is generally for. I placed a picture of a bottle in front of him to observe and gave him his favorite toy to eat... I am happy to report that HGGH is successfully pseudo-eating and lovin' his new ride. He is officially a High Roller.  

Step 1 - Placing HGGH in the chair; getting oriented. Doesn't seem to thrilled just yet.

Step 2 - After being wheeled around the living room, favorite toys are placed in sight.

Step 3 - Paci drops out of mouth and "eating" begins.

Step 4 - Pictures of bottle placed in front of HGGH to drive home the message. 

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  1. Wow, it is going to ride motorcycles!!! OH yea!!!